Hello and welcome to the No Barriers Communication (NOBACOMM) website! NOBACOMM is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization that was established in 2007.


  If you are interested in knowing what kind of people who are involved with NOBACOMM… well, its people like me, who believe that everyone should have equal access to information, communication and services that can impact their quality life and their ability to be independent.  We also recognize the value of educating others as well as ourselves about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  We’re the people who truly know the importance of learning how to advocate for yourself and learning how to advocate with others to ensure equal access is available for everyone.


  Our website is designed to be educational as well as informative. One of the things that makes NOBACOMM so unique is the stories about discrimination against people with disabilities, their frustration, heartbreak and just as important… their success stories!  NOBACOMM is about real people, real challenges and real solutions!   You’ll also see us brag a bit about the people and companies who are setting an example for our nation as they make a positive impact in the lives of People with Sensory Disabilities!


  Thank you for your time and God bless!