meeting with members of the disability community
a man who is Deaf-blind holding a white cane kneeling beside a smiling man in a wheelchair
a man who is Deaf wearing a volenteer vest over a  "GOT ASL" sweatshirt
Young lady who is eating pizza at a meeting
two men setting at a restaurant
four ladies at a conference
An ASL interpreter assisting two men learning to use a laptop
Man in a suit and tie at a conference
ASL interpreter signing for a female presenter
Man who is Deaf, smiling,  holding gift cards and signing "I love you"
two ladies in business suits laughing, one is wearing large sombrero
African American man smiling
group of women seated at tables during a workshop
Caucasian woman with glasses wearing fancy evening dress smiling
Headshot of Caucasian man with glasses and mustache
Headshot of Hispanic woman
Headshot of Vietamese man who is Deaf
two female ASL students volunteering at an event